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For those of you who are visual learners be sure to subscribe to our REALIZE HEALTH – MTHFR and Beyond VIMEO channel and learn about common and not-so-common topics in health and wellness.  Since none of us have time to spend on long-winded explanations I’ve kept them short and fluff-free.  Feel free to share them on your social media pages, with family and friends, or anyone you know who may benefit from them.  Let’s spread the word!

Purpose of Methylation

Ever wondered why we need methylation?  Find out what the purpose of methylation is and where it fits into your biochemistry.  What makes the world in your cells go around?

Leaky Gut

Ever wondered what your gut has to do with your arthritis, thyroid, mood, or any other disorder? Learn how inflammation from your gut can be the cause of all these issues and also influence how your MTHFR and genes are expressed.

Cell Membranes

The cell membranes and cell walls surrounds every single cell in your body. Learn why it is important to keep cell membranes healthy and why this may be the piece to the puzzle you were looking for.

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