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Returning clients are always welcome.

Rebecca is a functional nutritionist trained in the ‘Connect the Dots’ methodology whom I will be working closely with to manage your ongoing care when it comes to general follow-up appointments to assess how you are going and whether any changes need to be made to your current health plan.

Consult with Elizma personally…

Elizma will be conducting any follow-up appointments that require test interpretations.  For those who want to see Elizma for other follow-up appointments they can still do so.

Make sure you choose the correct appointment based on the time.  There’s a limited amount of things that can be addressed if time is short, but sometimes a quick catch up may be all you need.

If you haven’t seen us in over a year, please schedule an initial appointment as things have changed and we need to work from different parameters.

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Skype Appointments and Time Zones

If you cannot find a suitable time to book due to time zone differences or conflicting work schedules, please contact the office with information on your location and times that could work for you, and we’ll do our best to find a solution that works for everyone.

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