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Before I talk about me, I would first like to talk about YOU.

If you’ve landed on this website you most likely have a challenging health condition, suffer from a chronic disease, or have been put in the too-hard-basket by mainstream medicine.  You may also be perfectly healthy and just curious as to what your gene report may mean or looking to fall pregnant and wanting to optimise your pregnancy based on your genetics.

Either way, I believe you should feel that you are being listened to and have the option to look for the root cause of your condition as opposed to just being treated for the symptoms.  So…

Who Am I?

No one important really.

What I am though is a curious researcher.  Understanding how the body works, how organ systems inter-connect, how histone methylation switches genes on and off, how gene expression influences body systems, how the environment influences gene expression, and how mitochondrial function plays a key role in all of this, is what gets me really excited.  I’m a firm believer that if you understand how everything works, then you can ‘fix’ it (I’m not claiming to fix disease by the way).  This doesn’t make me smart, just able to accept that I will never know everything and in order to help people I will always have to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

Elizma Lambert and Dr. Ben Lynch SHEICON 2016

I am part owner of Realize Health with my lovely ‘sister’ Rike Ehm which is why you may see references to Realize Health within this website and other educational material (just in case you were confused!).

I’m also a Naturopath, Homeopath, Nutritionist and GAPS practitioner with a passionate interest in nutrigenomics (that’s fancy talk for MTHFR, genes and how they play a part in disease processes) that was sparked after I did my very first course with Dr. Ben Lynch many many years ago (he is super tall and super nice by the way).  Since then my interests have expanded to mitochondrial function, redox signalling, neurotransmitters and ketogenic diets.  And it’s still expanding!  Like I said, you never stop learning.

Opportunities to travel the world and learn from clinicians with incredible knowledge around treating complex Lyme and co-infections cases have taken me to countries such as the US and UK, where I have observed treatments and outcomes in action.  This is me with Dr. Jess Armine whom I respect tremendously in this line of work.

Elizma Lambert and Dr. Jess Armine UK 2017

Educator – ‘The OAT Whisperer’

Passing on the knowledge I have and am acquiring through my travels and research is very important to me, and I’m blessed that so many practitioners world-wide are eager to learn.  This prompted me to start participating in webinars and I’m proud to say that I have some amazing affiliates whom I’m working with to change the way we educate practitioners here in Australia and other parts of the world.

So all I can say is…WATCH THIS SPACE!

I choose the affiliates I work with very carefully as integrity is important to me. My intense interest and vast knowledge on the Organic Acid Test has earned me the nickname ‘The OAT Whisperer’, and I am writing courses based on this and other subjects with the aim of changing the way we look at things.  Many practitioners worldwide seek my services to help them decipher lab results and nutrigenomic tests when they have to devise treatment plans quickly and lack the time to do their own research.

Does this mean I’m going to move away from clinical practice?

Absolutely not!

I love my clients too much, and to be honest, they are my teachers.  The joy of helping someone get better when they’ve been everywhere and spend thousands of dollars without much to show for it, makes it incredibly gratifying to be in the industry I find myself in.

So my intentions are to help as many people as I can get better, but at the same time work with other amazing people and be part of training a new breed of practitioners.  In this way we can help more people achieve better health.

– Elizma Lambert


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Teenager with Aspergers/ASD

Elizma was recommended to me by one of her patients who held her in very high regard.


My 12 year old son had begun the journey into nutrient therapy to help with his MTHFR.  We had hit a wall with his treatment and many of his symptoms and obsessive behavior had returned.  (He is diagnosed Aspergers/ASD.)
Elizma listened not only to me but also my son and backed this up with an OAT test.  She then took the time to explain the results and help us understand why and how they effected him specifically.
She was clear and transparent in her explanation and even provided my son with an explanation of how each supplement would work and effect him.
Three months later and another OAT test revealed that many of his markers had reduced significantly, and in some cases all but disappeared.
He is 13 now and his treatment will continue and his lifestyle and diet will reflect his individual diagnoses.  It makes him happy to feel in control of his health and emotions.  He is doing well socially, emotionally and academically.
I would recommend Elizma as she is experienced and thorough....and then some!  She has a great empathy for her patients and treats every case as an individual.  She relishes finding the right result and helping to achieve a healthy lifestyle for her patients' individual needs.

Emma M. QLD, Australia January 30, 2018

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