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Before we talk about us, we would first like to talk about YOU.

If you’ve landed on this website you most likely have a challenging health condition, suffer from a chronic disease, or have been put in the too-hard-basket by mainstream medicine. You may also be perfectly healthy and just curious as to what your gene report may mean or looking to fall pregnant and wanting to optimise your pregnancy based on your genetics.

Either way, I believe you should feel that you are being listened to and have the option to look for the root cause of your condition as opposed to just being treated for the symptoms. So…

Elizma Lambert

Elizma Lambert

What I am though is a curious researcher. Understanding how the body works, how organ systems inter-connect, how histone methylation switches genes on and off, how gene expression influences body systems, how the environment influences gene expression, and how mitochondrial function plays a key role in all of this, is what gets me really excited. I’m a firm believer that if you understand how everything works, then you can ‘fix’ it (I’m not claiming to fix disease by the way). This doesn’t make me smart, just able to accept that I will never know everything and in order to help people I will always have to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

Rebecca Baldry

I have been working closely with Elizma for the last 10 years. Over that time, she has mentored me and shaped me into the practitioner I am today, sharing similar views and ideas on health. For this reason, while Elizma is working away in other parts of the world, I will be available to see clients on her behalf. Although I will be taking her consultations, Elizma and I will be working as a team and all cases will be discussed with and reviewed by her. This means you get two practitioners for the price of one!

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